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🌿 What’s a Standard Dose of THC? 🌿

🌿 What’s a Standard Dose of THC? 🌿

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter, which outlines recent cannabis news you need to know about related to entrepreneurship, finance, legal, medicine, science, and technology.

Last week, CannaGather Digital was blocked by YouTube. Being the first in the industry to do anything like this, especially on our level, we were bound to run into a hiccup or two. Luckily, ours were easy to figure out.

But the show goes on! Join us for a live CannaGather Digital: Back from the Ban! on April 2 by RSVP’ing (required) for free here. What will be the lasting impact of this global pandemic on Cannabis? Find out what COVID- 19 means for green business today, tomorrow, and beyond directly from global industry thought leaders.

We’ll connect coasts live with Bruce Linton (former Canopy Growth CEO), Aaron Smith (Co-Founder & Executive Director, NCIA), and Christine De La Rosa (Co-Founder & CEO, The People’s Dispensary) for a special Social-Distancing certified CannaGather Digital Experience with CannaGather’s own Josh Weinstein & Rico Lamitte!

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And now, what’s going on this week: A federal agency wants to create a standard THC dose. The industry sees more M&A setbacks. Home deliveries begin in Colorado. And we outline the medical benefits of the cannabinoid CBN.

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April 2 // CannaGather Digital // Back from the Ban!

COVID-19 is a dangerous, deadly pandemic that enjoys exponential growth through the interaction of nodes in a social network.

As such, we have cancelled all in-person CannaGathers through 4/21 and are exploring digital alternatives. 

The CDC’s guideline is that this will continue through mid-May and we hope to recommence in-person CannaGathers thereafter.

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Home Deliveries Begin in Colorado

Cannabis companies in Colorado can now begin to deliver products directly to consumer’s homes. And timing couldn’t be better, as officials ramp up calls for people to stay home to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The program will focus on medical cannabis patients and is limited to those who live in either Boulder or Superior, although sign-ups are currently required to be in-person. Dispensary chain Native Roots was the first in the state to receive a delivery license and is “looking into a compliant, remote solution for patient registration.” The company stated that there is a $100 minimum purchase and that they are pushing consumers to pay with a debit card instead of cash (due to potential burglaries and to limit the spread of COVID-19).

One obstacle within the new program is that individual jurisdictions have to proactively opt-in, so the number of Colorado cities that offer home deliveries are limited for the time being. Another one is that deliveries for recreational consumers are not set to begin until January 2021.

Many businesses nationwide are beginning to shutter as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials addressed this problem with the promotion of home deliveries, and numerous legal states have marked cannabis shops as essential services (exempt from a government mandate to close down), a decision that most Americans agree with.

What this means and why you care: The U.S. will have to adapt to the current pandemic in many ways. For cannabis shops, this could mean shifting to a business model with an increased priority on online orders and home deliveries.

// Finance

M&A Setbacks Amid Pandemic

The market for cannabis mergers and acquisitions takes another hit as the fallout from the COVID-19 crisis creates new issues. On Thursday, the $850 million proposed acquisition of Chicago-based Verano Holdings by Arizona-based Harvest Heath & Recreation was called off due to “prolonged obstacles.” “Now with the COVID-19 pandemic often being dealt with in the very agencies that must approve the transaction, it has become clear that this combination would not be completed within the established time frame,” said Verano’s CEO.

First announced in March 2019, the deal was slated to be one of the largest transactions in the cannabis industry. A year later, the deal is busted, along with other prominent transactions such as MedMen’s terminated $682 million agreement to purchase PharmaCann, and Cresco Labs’ failed acquisition of VidaCann.

The news comes after Harvest dropped its planned acquisition of Falcon International, restructured a proposed deal with CannaPharmacy, and closed its $85 million acquisition of Interurban Capital Group, owner of cannabis company Have a Heart. Shares of Harvest (HARV), which trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange, dropped 10% following the announcement of the Verana deal termination.

What this means and why you care: Many of the proposed acquisitions were made at a time when the industry rewarded growth over positive cash flow. In today’s climate, companies need to focus more on consistent cash flow to win over investors and retain the ability to execute major transactions.

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What’s a Standard Dose of THC?

That’s what a federal health agency wants to know. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is requesting input on a proposal to create a standard TCH dose for products to ensure consistency among medical cannabis studies. They are currently looking into 5mg as the standardized unit.

Some complicating factors include the potential for cannabis products to have the same level of THC but vary in levels of cannabinoids like CBD. Also, different types of administration (smoking, vaping, edibles, or topicals) could alter consistency. 

“Recognizing that a perfect measure may not be attainable at the current time, NIDA still believes that a standard dose would improve measures of outcomes in relation to exposure; and thus, could inform policy and public health strategies around cannabis use.”

The NIDA calls for e-mailed submissions from “the scientific research community and any other interested parties” by May 1.

What this means and why you care: It’s important for to improve and expand cannabis research methods, even as barriers such as marijuana’s restrictive federal classification make things for difficult. The creation of a standard THC dose would help researchers consolidate their efforts. Do you think 5mg sounds right?

// Medicine, Science, & Technology

Medical Benefits of CBN

Recently, researchers found evidence of the “medicinal potential of CBN in anti-cancer therapy.” CBN (cannabinol) is a a non-intoxicating compound that is usually present in high amounts in older cannabis. Here is a list of some potential benefits of this cannabinoid:

  • CBN could be a potent antibacterial agent. When tested on bacteria resistant to most antibiotics, it proved to be a capable agent against these strains.
  • It may also be a strong neuroprotectant. Researchers used CBN as a treatment for ALS in rodent study and found that it was able to delay the onset of the condition. This could be true for other neurodegenerative conditions.
  • The cannabinoid could provide appetite stimulation. In a rodent study, it increased the amount of food that the subjects ate. CBN could offer an alternative to THC (which has intoxicating elements) as an appetite stimulant.
  • CBN might help treat glaucoma. A rabbit study showed that it reduced intraocular pressure.
  • It can also act as an anti-inflammatory. CBN was shown to reduce arthritis in a rodent study.

What This Means and Why You Care: The recent findings that suggest CBN can be used in anti-cancer therapy add to the list of potential medical benefits provided by the lesser-known cannabinoid. Continued research and legal expansion will help patients capitalize on these benefits.

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Written by Justin Bernstein

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