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Child Sleep Disorder: Help Them sleep

Child Sleep Disorder: Help Them sleep

Child sleep disorders

Herbal Remedy for Childhood Insomnia

Child sleep disorder can be linked to a variety of causes including fear of the dark, stress, an erratic sleep schedule, teething, and napping during the day. There are ways to help a child get a full night’s sleep, however, parents need to work on creating a routine.

childhood sleep disorders

They also need to listen to their children and assure them that their fears, while real to the children, are not real at all. Using night-lights, music, and a scheduled bedtime, will help a child fall asleep and sleep throughout the night. Herbs, such as Chamomile and Passion Flower, can also help a child who suffers from child sleep disorder.


Chamomile is an herb found in parts of Europe and Asia and is known for its calming qualities. For children who suffer from child sleep disorder taking chamomile an hour or so before bedtime may reduce the number of times they will wake during the night. Chamomile can be taken as a pill or in tea.

Chamomile is a natural and safe way to regulate sleep in children without any morning grogginess. The child may enjoy the tea at night and sharing a cup of tea with a parent will make the child more comfortable.

Not all children should be given Chamomile, however. Children who wet the bed will not benefit from drinking a liquid that is too close to bedtime. Also, children with allergies should avoid Chamomile since it contains ragweed, which can trigger an allergy attack. Consult your doctor before giving a child any herbal remedy or medication.

Passion Flower.

Similar to Chamomile, Passion Flower is also used to help treat epilepsy, anxiety, and sleep disorders by relaxing the body and decreasing blood flow while increasing respiration. Passion Flower is also available in a tea that can help to relax a child before they go to sleep. This herb will not leave the child lethargic in the morning and can help him/her sleep through the night. After a few weeks, the child should begin to sleep without the need of any remedy.

Passion Flower should not be taken without a doctor’s consent. For children who wet the bed, taking an herbal remedy specifically designed for children may be best. And again, those with allergies should not take an herbal supplement unless recommended by a doctor.

What Else Can You Do to Help Your Child with Sleep Problems?

Child sleep disorder is something very common but the good thing is that it does not last forever. Teething and other growing pains are temporary and will pass eventually. If your child is teething, make sure he/she gets enough sleep during the day and try massaging the gums before bedtime. This will help soothe your little one so he/she can fall asleep more easily.

If fear of the dark is the reason for the sleep problems discuss this with your child by listening and trying to explain the reasons for the noises heard at night, the shadows, and other things that make children afraid of the dark.

Maintain a bedtime routine and allow older children to read or look at a book before going to sleep. This will allow your child’s body to relax helping them to fall asleep faster. Also, keep in mind that children do not usually sleep through the night until the age of two. Making sure the child is comfortable and feeling safe will help them sleep through the night eventually!

Featured Herbal Remedy for Childhood Insomnia

An all-natural and safe herbal/homeopathic remedy has been created especially for children with sleeping problems – it’s called Serenite Jr.

This professional formula helps restore healthy sleep patterns in children six months and older. Children that are having trouble sleeping due to teething, are having constant nightmares or feeling over-excited can all benefit from this calming herbal remedy.

natural remedy child sleep disorders

  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns in children and babies
  • Settles occasional nighttime restlessness and fussiness
  • Promotes healthy, restful sleep
  • Helps manage teething-related sleep disturbances
  • Non-addictive and easy-to-administer
  • Gentle enough for babies 6 months and older

And … when the children sleep that means peaceful nights for the entire family. Learn how Serenite Jr. for child sleep disorder can help your little one tonight.

Child sleep disorders natural treatment

Wishing you much success and a peaceful night,

Natural Healing Remedies

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