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Green Roads Co-Founder Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Green Roads Co-Founder Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Green Roads

The life story of Green Roads co-founder Arby Barroso is nothing short of inspirational. After struggling with years of chronic pain and opioid dependence, Arby turned his life around to become one of the leading voices in the fast-growing CBD and cannabis movements. Earlier this month, his story was featured in Entrepreneur where he opened up about his past and discussed the future of the cannabis market in the United States.

Education is Key

Arby recently won the title of Advocate of the Year at The Cannabis Business Awards, where Green Roads also received the Best CBD Product honors. Undoubtedly, Arby has a wealth of knowledge about the CBD industry and knows what it takes to succeed in the CBD business.

“People need to get educated because not all CBD products are the same,” Arby says in the article. “There are good companies out there, but there are a lot of bad ones, too. We’re trying to fix that because this is an avenue that could truly help people.”

“It comes down to how the compound is extracted. Some companies get lazy, they don’t take all the solvents or metals out, or dirty plants might have THC levels that exceed federal guidelines.”

New Laws, Endless Possibilities

The article also covers the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized hemp at the federal level. The new piece of legislation is seen as the most important victory in the history of hemp in the United States, opening new doors of opportunity for in-depth studies and research programs.

Opportunities for Everyone

Arby also elaborates on the myriad of entrepreneurial possibilities made available by the new farm bill.

“The scene of selling CBD might not be what you want to do, but all the other tentacles of this business are open to new entrepreneurs. You could say, ‘I’m going to do a magazine; I’m going to go on speaking engagements to educate consumers; I want to build a greenhouse.’ I don’t think cannabis is for everybody on the business side, but you could start somewhere.”

For the full Entrepreneur article, click here.

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