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Lola Hemp Review

Lola Hemp Review

Lola Hemp Review by Aaron Cadena at CBD Origin

Lola Hemp Review Overview

Lola Hemp is a pet-focused CBD brand, founded by Joey and Susan DiFrancesco –– a mother and son duo with a philanthropic history in the pet industry.

Recognized by the adorable face of their 5-year old rescue, Lola Hemp has become a popular CBD brand amongst pet lovers across the country.

Does Lola Hemp actually offer the quality our pets deserve or is this brand’s rise of popularity due solely to Lola’s charming looks?

Find out as we take an in-depth assessment of the brand’s CBD pet tinctures in our official Lola Hemp review.

Table of Contents

  1. At A Glance
  2. Quality Review
  3. Price vs Value
  4. Company Reputation
  5. Recommendation
Lola Hemp CBD Review - CBD Origin

Lola Hemp at a Glance

At a glance, the collection of CBD tinctures from Lola Hemp appear friendly and wholesome, with a simple appearance that gives the impression that Lola Hemp isn’t some big company with a corporate agenda.

An accurately portrayed caricature of Lola with a pleasant smile is displayed on the front of the label with quick instructions and the product’s ingredients (“Full Plant Hemp & fractioned Coconut Oil”) on the sides of the label.

Beneath the ingredients, I was surprised to read that the product was manufactured by Bailey’s, another well-known CBD brand for pets with a reputation for quality. This seems like a good sign.

Lola Hemp Quality

Made from organic whole plants, Lola Hemp’s CBD oil features a light amber color with an undiluted appearance and consistent texture throughout the liquid.

When filled into the dropper and released back into the bottle, the liquid exhibits the liquidity of a properly blended CBD oil and emits a sweet, tamarind-like aroma.

According to the “Lab Tests” page on Lola Hemp’s website, the CBD in their products is extracted from organic hemp plants at registered, non-GMO farms, and is batch tested for potency, pesticides, microbial residue, and solvents. By extensively testing each batch of CBD, instead of simply testing for cannabinoid potency, this shows that Lola Hemp goes the extra mile to ensure that their product is quality.

According to the Lola Hemp’s listed lab report, which was administered in June 2018 by ISO-certified third-party laboratory, CW Analytical, Lola Hemp’s CBD oil contains 13.54mg of CBD per gram. This converts to approximately 12.46mg of CBD per milliliter of liquid (1ml = 1g x .92 [density of cannabis oil]).

In simpler terms, each 30ml bottle of Lola Hemp’s 300mg CBD oil contains approximately 373mg± of CBD. Basically, you get more CBD than is listed, which is nothing to complain about.Lola Hemp Review (2019) - CBD Origin

Lola Hemp Price vs Value

From what we’ve reviewed so far, Lola Hemp’s CBD is wonderful, now let’s look at how its price compares.

Lola Hemp’s CBD Oil is available to purchase from their website in 3 different strengths, at the following prices:

  • 150mg (15ml) – $29.99 ; approximately $0.20 per milligram of CBD
  • 300mg (30ml) – $49.99 ; approximately $0.17 per milligram of CBD
  • 600mg (60ml) – $69.99 ; approximately $0.12 per milligram of CBD

When compared to other, similar quality options, Lola Hemp’s 150mg bottle is priced slightly higher than other options, but their 300mg and 600mg bottles are priced about the same.

While the prices of Lola Hemp’s product are not the cheapest on the market, pricing isn’t the only way a brand can add value to their products (sometimes too low of a price can even be concerning).

Aside from price, Lola Hemp adds tremendous value to its products with incentives such as:

  • For every 4 bottles sold, Lola Hemp donates 1 bottle to a rescue dog in need
  • Lola Hemp offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all their products
  • Earn free shipping on orders over $70.00

In addition to a top quality product, these incentives position Lola Hemp CBD products as a very attractive option for pet owners.

Lola Hemp CBD Oil Review (2019) - CBD Origin

Lola Hemp Reputation

Lola Hemp is based out of Scarsdale, New York. With a long history in the pet industry, the team at Lola Hemp consists of doctors, veterinarians, and other pet experts.

Based on what I’ve learned about this company during this review, it’s clear that this more than just a business for the team at Lola Hemp. From their dedication to quality to their passion for giving back to the community, Lola Hemp sets the standard for ethics and moral responsibility.

Naturally, there is an extremely positive reaction from Lola Hemp’s customers, who have nothing but great things to say in their numerous 5-star product reviews on their website.

While Lola Hemp seems to be a rather new brand in the industry, they have developed a great reputation and definitely heading in the right direction.

Lola Hemp CBD for Pets - CBD Origin

Should You Try Lola Hemp’s CBD?

After thoroughly reviewing Lola Hemp, I had an outstanding experience with this company and their products, and can confidently recommend giving their products a try.

Here are some of the highlights from my review that greatly affected my opinion:

  • Lola Hemp has a long history in the pet industry, with the expertise of vets and doctors on staff
  • Lola Hemp goes the extra mile to ensure that their product is top quality
  • Lola Hemp regularly donates and gives back to the community (and it’s not just to look good)
  • The team at Lola Hemp genuinely seem like all-around good people who care about our pets

To learn more about Lola Hemp and their products, visit their website at LolaHemp.com. If you decide to try one of their great products, enjoy 15% off your entire order* by using our exclusive Lola Hemp coupon code: ORIGIN

Thank you very much for reading our Lola Hemp review! I hope that learning my opinion and reading about my experience with Lola Hemp has equipped you with the knowledge to make a more informed purchasing decision.

If you have any questions or comments about our Lola Hemp Review or have had an experience with Lola Hemp yourself, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  • Great reputation and ratings
  • Dedicated to giving back

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