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Why your grandparents will probably get high in long term care, and why that’s a good thing.

Why your grandparents will probably get high in long term care, and why that’s a good thing.

by Jim Walesa, Chairman of AIU Longevity, June 18 CannaGather Keynote Speaker

Saturday, June 15, 2019

When it comes to long term care, you might imagine an elder relative in a hospital bed hooked up to a machine with a relatively low quality of life. You may have such a relative and find it challenging to know that while they are being made “comfortable,” quite possibly with opioids, they may not be improving. Cannabis may be the solution. The growing understanding of the critical role the endocannabinoid system plays in human health has given birth to a new era of hope within the long-term care community. When seniors can stay happy, healthy and mentally active longer into their old age their relationships with and ability to pass on more wisdom to the younger generation improves.

I have been monitoring how folks over 50 are treated for the past 36 years. As far as we’ve come, the industry is still rapidly evolving with new technology and medicine opening previously locked doors every year. In the old days, long term care choices were limited. Many facilities had dark lighting and unpleasant odors – not so nice for grandma. In 1976 when I visited such a place for the first time, few of today’s modern products and services that make healthcare more people-friendly were available.

Today, people demand more. They want to be cared for where they are, how they want and with the specific types of products and services they prefer. Uber has brought transportation to the masses. Grub Hub has brought food to the masses. Allied Integral United (AIU) is a unique business platform dedicated to delivering the next generation of longevity care and wellness solutions, in alignment with the changing characteristics, expectations, and behaviors of the expanding U.S. 60+ consumer market. AIU is curating and delivering to the masses the smartest modern care choices. The longevity market excludes no one. In terms of the economic opportunity, there are now 110 million people on Earth, who control 28 times more dollars than the millennial generation below them.

For the past three decades, AIU has come to understand the longevity market’s urgent need to replace vast opioid use across the system with better alternatives to treat pain, anxiety and inflammation among other ailments. The plan for AIU is to build a new platform featuring CBD with certified staff to service our network with appropriate products and technology for the best results as soon as medical and regulatory approvals allow, and eventually, explore THC if/when allowed. We are currently focusing on cannabis-friendly states including Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Nevada as well as parts of the Midwest and Mid Atlantic.

Forget any chance of Great Aunt Bettie lighting up a spliff at the weekly bingo game though. With the exploding variety of form factors from ingestibles to topicals, no smoking will be necessary whatsoever.

Jim Walesa, Chairman of AIU Longevity will be the featured speaker at CannaGather June 18, 7-9pm at Galvanize in SoHo, 303 Spring Street, NY, NY (food/drinks/speakers) Tickets: https://cannagather.com/june2019/DD

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