The best diet for bodybuilding

When I started out, I wondered what the best diet for bodybuilding is. I assumed that you should eat certain foods and exclude others at all costs. I was looking for secrets to move faster, already knowing that food matters a lot to the results we can get.

I told myself that the champions , those who showed the best physique, must follow a certain diet that they did not dare to disclose in order to explain some of their results (At the time, I did not know that they were all doped, and that their results were highly dependent on it).

Subsequently, having documented myself, I finally realized what the best diet for bodybuilding is. Let me explain to you what it is, and most importantly, how to create your best bodybuilding diet to get rid of the misconceptions once and for all.

A bodybuilding diet should suit your tastes

What surprises me the most is the belief that there is a magic diet for bodybuilding, such as magic training, suitable for everyone, a diet that will work for everyone without exception (this is what happens when you don’t know about morpho-anatomical analysis, for example see this article)

Indeed, each person has his own tastes , his own limitations depending on his work (for several hours), his family life or not … It is here that individualization takes on its full meaning. I am regularly asked if there are better foods than others, better meat than others, for building muscle or for drying if there are prohibited foods

The best bodybuilding diet doesn’t necessarily contain chicken and tuna.
I admit that when I first started out, I overused tuna and chicken because the magazines only recommended it in the cycle … I believed in some kind of magic to realize that nothing special was happening compared to meals where I consumed other sources of protein.

When asked “Is there a magic food”, the answer is NO ! This may shock some, but I am still convinced that the best bodybuilding diet for everyone is one that caters to everyone’s tastes, no matter what, the key is to adjust the amount.

It makes no sense to exclude certain foods at all costs if it makes us “crazy”, see “intolerable”. Because if you love cheese, you are not going to be bodybuilding with 150 grams of cheese a day. There are limitations, especially for your health, and it is especially important not to overuse the amount level, no matter what food you eat.

I used cheese as an example, but it could have been chocolate. Introducing 2 squares of chocolate into our diet because we love it, we cannot do without it, and it stabilizes our craving for chocolate and prevents us from disappointment . important if you like the latter.

If we take the example of the best meat or the best fish, it doesn’t exist, because when it comes to training, it’s not food or exercise that changes the game, but your whole diet. in bodybuilding, here that you will eat during the day, during the week, during the months. I regularly see people forcing themselves to eat chicken all year round, year after year, like I did it, like it was magic meat, and then tell me that they are tired of always eating the same thing.

Chicken, like any meat, fish or even food, is not magic. Do what you want, especially to begin with. Only by loving what you eat can you stick to your diet and move on.

It’s like in life: if you don’t like doing something, you won’t do it anymore. The one thing that I do not recommend when choosing food is industrial prepared food. This should obviously be avoided as the basis of your diet. The Golden Rule is to consume as few processed foods as possible in nature.

The best bodybuilding diet should be scalable

Many also believe that the diet continues indefinitely until you reach your goals. For example, it is a common situation to follow a diet that produces results within a month, then they gradually decrease until they disappear.

In the case of an increase in mass, this will mean that after a while we will no longer gain weight.

In the case of a dryer (see this article), this means that we will no longer lose weight after a certain time. If there is a reason why I suggest following coaching (you can see how I work here in the video) and not diets and unique workout programs that are just a big joke to me cheating , because the diet adapts, changes depending on the results, regular weighing, such as a bodybuilding program (see the article “When to change the bodybuilding program?”)

A bodybuilding diet that works indefinitely, it doesn’t exist . These are repetitive adaptations that make the bodybuilding diet right for you and can be adjusted every week as needed.

This is a error: Wait a few weeks when you are not progressing towards your goals and fully follow it to change it. You don’t get tired of repeating the same days with the same schedules, you don’t do the same workouts every day, you’re constantly improving day after day, and therefore your bodybuilding diet must be scalable.

Otherwise, you can wait (indefinitely?) a long time for something to happen.

The best bodybuilding diet should take your budget into account

Because you have to talk about it, eating quality at a certain price is just like taking good nutritional supplements (I recommend this brand if ever). Since I have shown this video (dated 2014, I have changed a bit since then), it is not “given”:

Therefore, the best bodybuilding diet for you should also consider your budget.

If you are a millionaire, the question obviously does not arise, but for most of us it is always a matter of compromise . Also, no extras are required.

It all depends on your finances, your investments, your desire to achieve your bodybuilding goals versus other activities that are important to you.

We are already making very good progress, and their interests are more in terms of health, and therefore indirect rather than direct development, which depends on the application of the foundations. If I were to advise you on the choice of nutritional supplements in order of importance, I would recommend this to you:

BCAA powder is one of my Top 3 nutritional supplements you can take in your bodybuilding diet (if you want to use it).

On this topic, I wrote a full article on nutritional supplements in 2020 if you want to know more.

For food choices, we regularly recommend organic products on SuperPhysique and in our podcasts in particular (if you’ve never listened to it, try it, you will see the result is quite pleasing). It goes without saying that this is the best choice, but this is not always possible, especially when you see the price of meat or fish.

For these products personally, I get them preferably from a butcher who has his own farm near where I live. For me, this is the best compromise .

Feel free to swap them out for eggs, which are priced at nearly the same organic price when bought in bulk, as “normal” eggs.

This is an example to show that when you make the right choices, you can do without breaking your wallet. I talked about animal products because for vegetable products such as vegetables, raw vegetables … you can always buy seasonal rather than finding some for the legs and arms.

The quality of the food you eat affects your muscle mass, as well as dryness and health. In addition, without health, there is neither muscle nor dryness. It is an essential base for your progress, base .

Best Bodybuilding Diet – Sample Diet

To illustrate my advice, here’s an example of a bodybuilding diet with adaptation based on what we just saw together. This may or may not work for you (which is usually the case).

However, it can be used as a base to simplify diet planning. If you want to know how to personalize your bodybuilding diet, especially in terms of the amount and distribution of food. Note that I have written two books on this matter.

First, on the dryer, which lists all my personal experiences and trainers since 2006 and several thousand student trainers so as not to lose muscle and not lose fat first. Second in terms of mass gain in the same vein, but this time not to take only fat, but especially muscle.

PS: I deliberately excluded the addition of additives (see above).

Sample Bodybuilding Diet
Morning 8 hours
whole eggs 4
Buckwheat flakes 120 g
Banana 100 g
Square chocolate of your choice 2 squares
Noon 1:00
Steak 5% fat 150 g
Rice is weighed before cooking 100 g
Broccoli 200 g
Olive oil tablespoon
Snack 4 pm
Organic Protein Powder 40 g
Almonds or Nuts 20 g
Apple 100 g
Evening 20 hours
Mackerel 150 g
Buckwheat paste 80 g
Carrots 200 g
Rapeseed oil Table spoon
Parmesan cheese 20 g


In conclusion, I would say that the best diet for bodybuilding is not the “ideal” diet from the last magazine or the last article you just read. Each person should find their own balance , their own true “ideal”, and not copy what other people do (besides the biggest mistake in life, compare yourself to your neighbor).

It is important to understand that we are all unique in our genre, despite our similarities, and that it is precisely for personalization at all levels that we should gradually strive, consciously. The most important is to do your best for yourself.

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