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How One Woman is Shaping the Future of the CBD Industry

How One Woman is Shaping the Future of the CBD Industry

Forget spring break and March Madness, the month of March is all about honoring and celebrating the women in our lives who inspire and motivate us every day. This week we have decided to turn our focus to one of Green Roads’ most inspiring figures – our co-founder and president Laura Baldwin Fuentes.

Laura’s mission throughout her life has been to help those in need with effective, accessible, and easy-to-use solutions. A South Florida native, Laura was driven to help her community. This led her to an interest in pharmacology and eventually led her to pursue a career in the field.

After graduating from Nova Southeastern University, Laura quickly gained a reputation as a promising professional due to her innovative way of thinking and strong determination to make a positive impact in the world. As Laura continued to gain experience in the industry, she saw that the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals are not exactly flawless. Laura realized that flaws in the system often led to overpriced medications for those in need. She also saw how some pharmaceuticals like opioids could be harmful to patients due to their side effects and high-risk of addiction.

Her passion for medicine and commitment to finding a better alternative for her patients prompted Laura to explore safer, more accessible treatments for health problems. In 2012, her years of hard work and commitment came to fruition when she founded Green Roads alongside co-founder and friend Arby Barroso.

Laura had recently helped Arby with the use of hemp-derived CBD products formulated by Laura herself. Together, Laura and Arby realized they could use their experience to create a new, natural alternative that could help people improve their quality of life.

In just a few years, Green Roads and Laura became household names in the industry thanks to their high-quality CBD products formulated under the supervision of Laura and her team. Fast forward a couple years and Green Roads is now one of the leading brands spearheading the booming CBD market.

Last year, Laura was featured in the October edition of Boca Life Magazine, a local magazine with a reputation as a prestigious authority for health, culture, education, and more. Laura was given the tremendous honor of being named one of the top Medical Experts in South Florida by the magazine which filled the entire Green Roads family with great pride.

Her most significant achievement as president of Green Roads, however, came late last year at the Cannabis Business Awards. During the December ceremony, Green Roads won the “Best CBD Product” award, beating out every major competitor in the CBD industry. Additionally, Arby went home with the “Advocate of the Year” award, proving Green Roads is comprised of an all-star team.

As our president and head pharmacist, Laura continues to be the innovative visionary and expert voice behind each of our products. Most importantly, she continues to be a source of inspiration for those around her thanks to her passion and commitment which remain as strong as ever after all these years.

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