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I know, I know that everyone doesn’t care about the back except those who don’t care and you are one of them. You are probably wondering which back exercises should be prioritized in order to develop them better and not waste your time? After taking years to believe that I was training my back, I realized that literally going wrong and that it’s okay when he doesn’t develop.

This is why I am very concerned about wasting time as I might be wasting it explaining to you what to do. For this article, I will focus on the best back exercise to develop in width, but as you can imagine, it won’t be much different to develop in thickness if we do a movement that changes everything .

– Dorian Yates, the best defender of all time.

Dorian Yates, as you know, was Mr. Olympia several times, that is, the world bodybuilding champion. He especially won thanks to his back and established a new era in which participants were no longer defined by global balance, but by the dominance of back development.

Did he do something different in terms of back exercises to get this development? This is the topic I’m talking about in the video above. We might think that professionals with massive backs are doing the right exercises to develop them properly.

But, unfortunately, for the vast majority, one might wonder if they owe the vast majority of their results to doping products . In addition, this is what Mark had in mind in his testimony:

And what scientific research seems to back up in part is research that we consider to be an excellent book, The Guide to Bodybuilding Naturally.

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– Movement that changes everything for back exercises

This is something that Calum von Moger doesn’t do in the video above.

If your shoulders don’t move, you can do the best back exercise in theory on paper, unless you’re very gifted or doped, you have little luck to develop this.

Before you shoot with your hands , you must shoot with your shoulders.

This is what it took years to realize personally, how I tried in vain to always give more weight to my pull-ups and the rowing and back did not expand even a millimeter.

I had to take a little off load in the beginning, but I was quickly able to return to the loads of yesteryear and surpass them as my back developed thanks to good technique.

– Best Back Exercise: History of Anatomy

The development of the dorsal width is to develop what is called anatomy, the greater dorsal and, more precisely, its outer .

In fact, it is she who is responsible for kindling our back.

Unfortunately, depending on the morpho-anatomy of each (you can do your analysis here), it is possible to have only a low potential of the development of this part.

You should be aware that when we do our bodybuilding exercises, especially for the back, back and especially its outside this is competition with many muscles that can do more work than they can, for example, the lower back, but also the large circle, the long part of the triceps, biceps, deltoid muscle (especially in the back) …

If, in addition, you have this relatively short back part of the back, that is, it sits quite straight on the arm, and not obliquely, as it is In my case, you will have even less opportunity to development of a wide back.

To have a wide back, you still need a large back that fits obliquely on your arm.
Fortunately, between By the extremes there are many possibilities and therefore it is always possible to develop a longer back big. Now let’s see which back exercise we can do that with.

– Best exercise for wide back: which exercise backs?

Are pull-ups the best back exercises?

Finally, whatever on what is your muscle potential in relation to the possibility of developing a wide back, there is In any case, you will have to develop the outer part of the spine. for a good workout we recommend There will never be anything better for this than relatively large pull-ups. Indeed, this retention in pronation allows you to hit the fiber axis of the outside.

Now it’s not about practicing this back exercise, however, and this is where your morpho-anatomical analysis takes on all its importance.

It is she who will determine the amplitude which you will need to accept for this type of drawing. If you don’t have a broad back, chances are you have large biceps (often between polyarticular agonists).

Thus, you will have to reduce the amplitude, that is, go lower, for example, on the nose, as in the photo, so as not to bend too many elbows and not use too much biceps in the exercise on the back. It goes without saying that if you cannot do the chin-up with a wide bar, the exercise can obviously be with a high pulley or with an elastic to relieve load

This is what I’ll show you in this video:

– Exercise for a better back: what level to achieve for a wide back?

Because it is not enough to do the best back exercises with your “own technique” depending on your morpho-anatomy, in order to have a wide back, you must also progress first and reach a certain level in the middle series.

This is one of the reasons the SuperPhysique Club tables were designed to set goals for all natural bodybuilders whose performance goals are tied to a specific physical level.

What level to achieve in back exercises?
Based on experience, after training several thousands of people since 2006, I would dare to say that it is from the Silver level that you will begin to have a wide back.

If you reach the Gold level and beyond, you will undoubtedly have a very wide back … Please note that these tables were originally designed for people weighing between 80 and 85 kg. Therefore, the weights must be adapted according to your weight on the scale.

Finally, keep in mind that since every person has a different morpho-anatomy , the same results do not give the same muscle development for everyone. However, if you don’t do the exercises on your back, there will be no salvation.

For that matter, I suggest you learn about the loops of progression that allow you to progress from session to session up to the level confirmed by this article.

– Best Back Exercise: Bodybuilding Program Example

Since only one back exercise is enough to grow, unless you are doing it, here are two back programs that can be helpful if you are starting resistance training and have been training for several months.

These are just examples of programs that must be adapted to itself, that is, in relation to its morpho-anatomy, its limitations and possibilities. This is why they are intentionally generic and cannot create personalized programs without knowing you personally.

Apart from theory, this is, first of all, practical work that is easy to apply following various steps.

Example Back Weight Training Program for Beginners :

Back exercises for beginners
High traction pulley with wide front grip 4 sets of 8-12 reps
One-arm dumbbell, dumbbell 4 sets of 8-12 reps
Rowing on a low pulley while lying on the back 4 sets of 8-12 reps

Sample Back Strength Training Program for the Practitioner :

Back exercise for the practitioner
Pull in front 4 sets of 10 to 20 reps
Rowing line in a T-bar on top 4 sets of 8-12 reps
Seated row with low pulley in neutral clutch 4 sets of 10 to 20 reps
High supination pulley traction 3 sets of 8-15 reps

Be careful with back therapy during the last exercise of each session, not fully extending your arms during the negative phase if you are using heavy weights (biceps are easy to break) and take care in advance to determine if you have valgus (you can define it here), in which case it will be necessary to use a neutral grip for the exercises exemplified more high in the programs.

– Conclusion

As you can see, doing the best back exercise on the surface does not guarantee progress. You still have to do it correctly. So sometimes what we mistake for a weak point, a muscle that does not develop, is due to certain mistakes executions, which often happens with the back. Hopefully you can see more clearly now.

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